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1992: the Certification of Quality System

The Tamburini acquires ISO 9002 certification by ICIM (Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanical Engineering). This certification has contributed to the application of quality concepts in the company and among suppliers and increase and improve process performance.
The Tamburini has subsequently upgraded its Quality System to the latest revision of ISO 9001, edition 2008.
The purpose of a Quality System is to achieve customer satisfaction, compliance with the requirements and guidance system processes Tamburini organization towards the continuous improvement of overall performance.
In this sense, the first objective is aimed at improving the quality of interpersonal relationships, as a guarantee of individual and collective welfare, a prerequisite for obtaining the best results. This means above all to work in order to ask colleagues in the best position to carry out their work (transmission of information in a clear and comprehensive and timely delivery).
The second objective is to operate with a view to do something well the first time, in order to avoid wastage for their resumption.
The third objective is a continuous improvement of product, service and effectiveness of processes. This is achieved through the Quality System, but also by the willingness on the part of all, during their work, to assess trends and communicate situations for improvement and propose improvements.