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Tamburini Group - Tools and Threaded Gauges Production ISO 9001 CertificazioneISO 9100 CertificazioneAccredia




Tamburini has adapted its organizational structure to meet ever-changing customer and market requirements in terms of contracted work.

Below is a list of the main processes handled by Tamburini for contract work:

- Internal grinder
- External grinder
- Edgewheel grinder
- Planetary grinder
- CNC machining from bar stock
- High-precision micromachining on materials with a hardness level up to 68 HRC
- New-generation milling machining centres with 3 and 5 continuous axes
- Wire spark erosion / plunge spark erosion
- Surface treatment and special coating to meet specific requirements
- Heat treatment on a vast range of types of material

The company organisation is structured to handle job orders from the design stage to delivery of the finished product, offering customers an all-round service.