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Tamburini Group - Tools and Threaded Gauges Production ISO 9001 CertificazioneISO 9100 CertificazioneAccredia




The Tamburini has completed the production of plain and thread gauges with an important service control and calibration, and inserting in its structure a Primary Metrology Lab works in compliance with European standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The Laboratory is accredited ACCREDIA - Department of Calibration Laboratories - and has the faculty to issue calibration certificates for instruments, the fields, the uncertainties specified in an accreditation table. These certificates are recognized by all states signatory to the Multilateral Agreement of the "European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA)"

The certificate of calibration have the same validity as those issued by the Primary Metrological Institutes, within the limits of uncertainty declared.

They are well received nationally, as they ensure that companies that have to demonstrate to operate in terms of "quality assurance", the National Metrological traceability chain to its tools and measuring machines.


View the certificate ACCREDIA Laboratory Calibration
View files of accredited calibration ACCREDIA

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