Thread dies

We have produced thread tools for over 60 years, paying careful attention to customers’ requests, consistently in compliance with high quality standards and with the utmost attention to the customer, to satisfy the customized requests of the different sectors of product application.

produzione filiere


We make standard and customized die tools, with ground thread profile. We can produce different types of thread and act on overall tool dimensions and characteristics based on the material to be machined.

Our range of products:

  • Flat dies
  • Muzzle dies
  • Cup dies
  • Adjustable cage dies
  • Knurled split dies
  • Double thread dies

Steel used for the production of our customized tools

The standard range of tools produced by Tamburini Srl is made of high speed steel (HSS or HSSE), with elevated toughness and excellent cutting hold. The constant evolution of steels guarantees high performance levels for all kinds of applications.
For the machining of parts made of customized materials, Tamburini Srl also produces hard metal and Widia tools.

Surface treatments

In order to further improve the performance of thread tools, without altering their basic characteristics, we can carry out a series of surface treatments, as for example, a customized thread coating, according to the tool’s specific intended usage, using the best products that constant research in the field can offer.
The most frequently used coatings are: TIN – TICN – TINALOX- HDP-RED

Contact us if you are looking for a consultation on the most suitable coating for your finishes.

Trattamenti superficiali filiere per filettatura

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