Third-party service of precision machining

Over the years, driven by the constant requests of our customers, we have committed to developing our project of creating a facility that responds to the demands of third-party service of precision machining.

This service is structured to globally deal with orders (from design to the delivery), providing customers with a complete service, even for small batches.

A production development project

Tamburini Srl’s third-party service provides the following machining processes:

  • Internal grinding
  • External grinding
  • Tangential grinding
  • Planetary grinding
  • CNC bar machining
  • High-precision micro-turning on quenched materials up to 68 Hrc.
  • Milling islands (continuous 3 and 5 axis machining centres)
  • Electro-erosion

Thanks to our collaboration with partner providers, we can guarantee the execution of technical treatments on a wide range of materials, as well as surface treatments and specific coatings, according to the customer’s requirements.

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