Gauges and thread tools for hydro sanitary taps and fittings

Tamburini Srl designs and manufactures tools for thread cutting, and for standard and customized test gauges for taps and fittings. With rigorous attention to our customer’s requirements every step of the process, from the analysis of the customer’s needs to final product delivery, we plan, design and produce turnkey measuring systems.

Companies that chose us include:


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Alliance for Culture

Tamburini participates in the Brescia Museums Foundation’s Alliance for Culture project which aims to relaunch the artistic heritage of the city.

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2021 in Tamburini

The historical period we are experiencing is one of the most uncertain for many industrial sectors. We found ourselves facing […]

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Calibration laboratories

Tamburini Metrological Laboratories are an asset that allows our company to provide dimensional control services including the calibration and measurement […]

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