Gauges: Thread and plain rings

Tamburini Srl designs and manufactures thread, plain standard and special ring gauges, with thread sizes in compliance with all regulations in force, and customized ring gauges to customer’s specifications. We also customize overall dimensions to satisfy different usage requirements.
The company’s mission engages management to constantly improve the organisation as well as the efficiency of the ring gauge production process, with the objective of meeting all requirements of usage.

produzione anelli filettati lisci
produzione anelli filettati lisci
produzione anelli filettati lisci
produzione anelli filettati lisci
produzione anelli filettati lisci
produzione anelli filettati lisci
Anelli filettati
Anelli filettati

Gauges: Thread ring gauges

We manufacture thread and customized ring gauges for different sectors of application, such as the medical, the automotive and the aerospace industries, defence systems, and the field of taps and fittings and valves.

Our range of products

  • Special thread rings
  • Bell-shaped thread rings
  • Large thread rings with handles
  • Deburring rings
  • Thread rings to customer’s specifications

Our range of products

  • Special plain rings
  • Plain bell-shaped rings
  • Large size plain rings with handles
  • Plain rings to customer’s specifications

Gauges: plain ring gauges

As with thread ring gauges, we also manufacture plain and customized ring gauges that can meet different usage requirements as in regards to the sizes to examine and the overall dimensions.

Steel used for the production of gauges

The entire range of Tamburini gauges is made of highly non-deformable steel alloy with a surface hardness of 63 HRc, achieved by quenching.

For the manufacturing of special and customized gauges made to customers’ specifications, specific materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium and non-magnetic materials, with lower specific weight, are used.

Surface treatments

In order to further improve product performance, product lifetime and to reduce friction during gauge use, without altering basic characteristics, we apply different surface treatments, as for example, the coating of the thread, according to the gauge’s specific intended usage. The most frequently used coatings are: TIN – DLC.

Contact us for a consultation on the most suitable coating for your finishes.

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