Our reaction to the health emergency

Our company is like a family to us: some staff members have been with us for decades and they all know just how important their well-being and health is for us.

In order to protect both of these aspects, we felt we needed to close the company down one week before the lockdown was imposed by the Council of Ministers Presidential Decree. Simultaneously we activated smart working for a few of the departments, such as Administration, Purchasing and part of Sales.

Continuous support for customers and protection of staff

We gradually reopened as of 1st April, after thoroughly sanitizing all the departments and premises of the company.

Right from the beginning, when we started work again, we responded to the needs and requests of our customers in the medical sector, supplying them with essential material to deal with the ongoing health emergency. Thanks to our expertise deployed in the field of measuring tools for the medical sector and the extensive know-how developed since 1960, we have been manufacturing gauges and tools to satisfy the stringent requirements of this extremely demanding sector, using sterile stainless steel.

We continued collaborating with customers during the whole time and remained by their side, keeping them updated on manufacturing capability and delivery times, in full compliance with Legislative Decrees.

“We are convinced that a company should not just be a gratifying work opportunity, but that it should also play a fundamental role in linking professional and social life as well as ethics” – The Tamburini Family

This is why, with the aim of protecting our staff, we decided to take out a healthcare insurance policy for them, providing coverage should they catch the virus, for any expenses incurred during hospitalisation or convalescence.

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