Biomedical precision machining

Inside the plethora of industrial fields in which the functionality and accuracy of precision machining are needed, the medical field benefits most from the application of this type of machining and specific products. 

The requirements of the medical sector are very specific with severe working standards to support the evolution of a field as important for the collectivity. 

Hence, precision machining is first in line with the development of technological innovation in the medical field that involves international players in the sector. The realisation of gauges, dimensional master, customized measuring system and high precision micromachining contributes to the constant development of the medical sector. In this sense, medical technology evolves differently in specific areas of the field, such as implantology and orthopaedics, to simplify medical procedures and the production of components that are placed in the human body to guarantee the patients a better quality of life.

The research of materials

The production of tools for the medical sector is challenging under multiple aspects, the study of materials is one of the most important. The selection of the right metal alloys and plastic compounds that will be in direct contact with the human body is of the utmost importance in every single part of the production process. As a matter of fact, to avoid unwanted oxidations or alteration of the substances it is necessary to conduct quality researches of the materials as well as a constant formative update of the new technologies in the biomedical field. In most cases, the products for the medical sector are made of stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and plastic. The gauges and measuring instruments that Tamburini produces for this field are made of materials that are non-invasive, nonmagnetic, anti-corrosion and rust-proof.

Tamburini and the medical sector

Thanks to the expertise gained in over 60 years of work, Tamburini approaches the challenges of the medical sector with the high quality and precision standards that the company is known for. Our team follows and projects the development of biomedical mechanical calibration thanks to our twenty-year experience in the field of health technology. Our products and our machining are of help in medical areas such as orthopaedics, implantology and orthodontics. 

Tamburini supplies high precision micro-machining and micro-mechanical calibration which provides manual controls, torque wrenches checks and optical checks. We position ourselves on the market creating opportunities for our customers for whom we produce standard and customized gauges according to the client needs.

We produce customized products based on studies of either our team of professionals or starting from the customer’s drawings and blueprints. Tamburini’s gauges are realised thanks to our propensity for technological avant-garde as well as the coordination of our highly specialised staff that is specifically trained on techniques and materials.

Thanks to the extensive experience and competence in the health sector, Tamburini gives the possibility to serialize in a unique way every gauge realized guaranteeing to the final customer the complete traceability of the pieces. Serial number, data matrix and Qr codes guarantee that customized service.

The sector instruments and machining

Attention to detail and precision are crucial in every sector in which precision machining is used, however, in the biomedical sector, millimeter machining and quality controls are especially important. 

For this reason, Tamburini issues a dimensional certification of all products such as:

  • tapered plugs,
  • hexagonal plugs,
  • shaped plugs,
  • plain plugs,
  • tapered rings,
  • plain rings,
  • shaped rings,
  • special plugs,
  • special rings.

In addition, we also develop multi-functional gauges, dimec or dimensional gauges, plates, masters and complex measuring systems.

The extent of our expertise allows us to assist our customers in the production and control of the finished products.

In fact, we offer instruments that give the possibility to check threads, but also all the main features of the customer’s products such as the distance between the holes and the positioning with respect to a known point, the degree of finish and the material structure.

For customers like Orthofix, the Italian leader in the orthopaedic field, we have produced templates and control masks to check the total function of medical nails and medical screws.

The company Tamburini, thanks to continuous research and to decades of experience, can assist the customer from the standard production of a simple plug for hole control up to a control mask for total check of the dimensions of the object.

Tamburini, precision machining since 1960.

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