Dialogue and lifelong training for the benefit of our customers

One of our strong points has always been providing customers with support in the design of customized gauges and tools.  This is why we aim at increasing the quality of our production process, year after year.

Nicola Tamburini, Technical Director, affirms:

“Quality, constant product availability and increasing efficacy in the production of customized products. All of this while guaranteeing the most comfortable environment possible for all of us.”

We strongly believe in the importance of forging a Company-Customer relationship that goes beyond the sales deal and technical assistance. Today we are convinced that it is fundamental to move this relationship towards additional values that transcend the temporary encounter lying between demand and offer.

Therefore, we have decided to create training opportunities to establish on-going dialogue and confrontation with our customers. At Tamburini Srl we engage in training in order to maintain our role as a leading company and as a qualified interlocutor, adding content to the relationship with our customers.

What you can find at the Tamburini Academy

Our Academy provides opportunities for in-depth study, training and updating for technicians. It also gives us the chance to exchange information with our customers’ purchasing managers, about production, technical and technological skills, so that we can also consolidate our role as an exhaustive supplier.

Thanks to this training, we can offer our customers an additional guarantee of support and customized consultations.

Would you like to enter the world of Tamburini?