Manufacturers of gauges and tools since 1960

1960 is the year in which our founder, Bruno Tamburini, moved from Trentino to Rezzato, to take over a small craftsman’s trade and began producing tapping tools and dies.

He immediately began to reap the rewards of his brave decision which have since culminated in sixty years of successful business and a growth path implemented from one generation to the next, inspired by a vision grounded in simple choices, work and skill.

The Rezzato facility

In 1969 the company’s inevitable growth meant that Mr Tamburini had to move the company from the town centre to more spacious premises located in Rezzato, better suited to the production and sales requirements of Tamburini Srl.

This is where the company makes a quantum leap both in terms of production volumes and intrinsic product quality. The use of machinery with a more evolved technological conception and an increasingly skilled workforce enabled Tamburini Srl to achieve great success and growth that has stood the test of time.

The Gold Hercules Award

In 1976 Bruno Tamburini received the Gold Hercules (International Innovation Award), as recognition of Tamburini Srl’s capacity to differentiate itself as a strongly innovation-oriented business. In fact, the company has always prioritised process and product technological innovation, as part of a strategy for continuous improvement in the manufacture of its products.

A mindset nurtured by Bruno and which persists as a guideline for the company and its growth.

The establishment of Tamburini Tecnic, today the Customized Orders and Aerospace division

The move to new premises and the company’s technological evolution made the establishment of Tamburini Tecnic possible in the early 90s. The new company immediately started to produce customized gauges providing design and manufacturing services of measuring systems, customized in accordance with all customers’ requirements. When accredited with ISO 9100 certification, Tamburini Tecnic became an integral part of Tamburini Srl, becoming its Customized Orders and Aerospace department.


Between 1992 and 1995, the company obtained ISO 9002 certification from the ICIM (Institute of Industrial Certification for Mechanics). This contributed towards applying quality concepts in the company and towards suppliers, in addition to increasing and improving the performance levels of work processes.

Subsequently, Tamburini Srl conformed its Quality Control System to the last revision of the ISO 9001 standard, 2008 edition, focusing even more on customer satisfaction and adopting an approach focusing on processes. The company’s objective is to pursue customer satisfaction complying with the requirements, and to direct the system of company processes towards the constant improvement of services, based on three main goals:

  • Our first goal aims at improving the quality of interpersonal relations, as a guarantee of individual and collective well-being, fundamental to achieve the best results. Above all, this means taking action by putting our employees in the best conditions to carry out their work (by sharing clear information respecting the agreed deadlines);
  • our second goal aims at carrying out work correctly from the start in order to avoid any losses due to necessary adjustments;
  • the third goal aims at constantly improving our products, services and the effectiveness of company processes. This is achieved with the “Non Conformity – Corrective Action” system as an actual part of the Quality Control System, and above all with all of our staff’s willingness to assess progress during their work and inform us about any situations that can be improved and give their suggestions.

Calibration Laboratory Accreditation

In 1995 Tamburini Srl was recognized by the CNR Commission for Metrology as a Calibration Centre SIT N° 079.

Following a period of implementation, development and adjustment to the Quality Control System obtained in accordance with standards set down by UNI CEI EN 45001 and later on by the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025, the company felt it needed to take another step focused on constant improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of its Laboratory’s activities, with the clear identification of the management resources requiring attention and improvement, and defining quality goals successively in order to obtain further benefits both for the Laboratory’s internal organisation and for its customers. On 1st July 2011 ACCREDIA changed its former SIT brand. All the conditions required to belong to the National Calibration System, defined by the Italian Law 273/91, remain have remained unchanged,

The company’s continuous production growth and consequent need for expansion and improvement in technological-production terms, called for the construction of new, more spacious and accessible headquarters, in the town of Mazzano, Brescia.

The new site is home to modern machinery and to an expanded qualified staff team, whose members are selected from freshly qualified professionals, who have the opportunity to grow and gain expertise, in line with the Tamburini family tradition.

The new Mazzano site

The new site is also equipped with the most innovative industrial systems that guarantee greater efficiency and company safety, as well as a lower environmental impact.

In 2010 Tamburini celebrated its 50th anniversary

An important and prestigious milestone was commemorated in October 2010, when the company celebrated its 50 years in business.

It wasn’t just about arriving at the finish line but rather about our dedication to constant research for high quality, a feature which has always characterized Tamburini Srl’s history.

ISO 9100 Certification

In 2015 the company obtained ISO 9100 Certification, therefore qualifying as a supplier of customized products, also for the Aeronautic, Aerospace and Defence sectors.

Constant improvement of production processes

We have never stood still since the very beginning. On the contrary, we have steadily invested in machinery and software, becoming increasingly specialized in manufacturing customized products, driven by our customers’ requests, whilst always maintaining constant availability of our standard products.

Thanks to our unceasing investments in technological development, we have succeeded in simplifying production processes and providing our customers with the best solutions. We have opened up to the international market, while strengthening our presence on our national territory (controllare testo in italiano).

Day by day we pay close attention to our customers’ requirements, thanks to our latest generation facilities and technologies, both for the production of thread tools, plain and thread gauges to customer specifications and more complex dimensional measurement systems.

This is how we have achieved the credibility that differentiates us.

Indeed Elena Tamburini, the current CFO, affirms that:

“The technological division is continuously developing. Thanks to investments in machinery and software, we can be competitive on the market, by simplifying production processes and providing our clients with the best solutions.” 

Our strength? The People

Without a shadow of doubt, Tamburini Srl is a family. We believe in continuous improvement, training, and in the professional and personal growth of all of our staff. Some of them began their careers right here with us.

“We are one big family, some employees have been working at Tamburini Srl since I was fourteen and will be soon retiring. They are all actively involved in the operational management of the company, from design to delivery and are all aware of how much working together towards a goal of common well-being means to us.”

Franco Tamburini, CEO

This is what makes us so proud of every single person. In fact, we would never achieve such incredible results without their know-how, enthusiasm and proactiveness.

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