The PInAC Foundation

The Fondazione PInAC – Pinacoteca Internazionale dell’età evolutiva “Aldo Cibaldi” based in Rezzato (BS) is a Museum and Centre for Creative Experimentation that supports the expressiveness of children from all over the world with studies, research and training projects.

Tamburini has always supported associations and institutions in the Brescian area that preserve and promote cultural movements. PInAc is a unique reality, with which we fully share the value of the importance of safeguarding intellectual heritage as a world capital.

TAMBURINI AND PInAC: exhibitions from 2019 to date

PInAC has a historical archive dating back to the late 1950s. Today, the collection has more than 8,700 illustrations from almost 90 countries and is continuously expanding. 

Emotions, thoughts, imagination and wishes expressed in the works of thousands of children from all over the world, are the protagonists at the PInAC exhibitions that convey awareness, a sense of belonging between cultures and respect for the rights of all people.

PInAC promotes the right of expression and art creativity by offering workshops and training courses, both for children and adults. These are conducted by professional and experienced artists with pedagogical skills. 

In 2021 the PInAC Foundation received the renowned Andersen Prize as a Protagonist of Children’s Culture, thus demonstrating its merits and value.

2019 and 2020

Tamburini has supported PInAC and its commitment to the potential of children’s culture since 2019/2020 with the exhibition and project In the Heart of Rights: Children’s drawings from around the world for the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. An exhibition, a book catalogue, and a travelling educational project were created to popularise and promote children’s rights and the duties of adults to ensure that these rights are respected.

Since then, Tamburini has decided to support the Foundation’s ongoing work.

2020 and 2021

In the years 2020/2021, we sponsored the exhibition Earth! PInAC’s children’s drawings tell the story of the environment and how we inhabit it, in which the relationship between human beings and the environment,  seen through the eyes of children was the protagonist. With this exhibition, a new editorial line was introduced: the artwork catalogue which was enriched with 12 previously unpublished stories written by professionals which explore the theme of the environment starting from the observation of one of the drawings.

2021 and 2022

After the great success of the previous years, this year we have continued our collaboration with the Pinacoteca. The Tamburini company has, in fact, contributed in 2021/2022 to the exhibition From head to toe. The Tale of Bodies in the Children’s Works of PInAC. The theme of the body was extended to the concept of expression, bonding, and growth. A book catalogue with images of the exhibition and 12 original stories is available.

PInAC and the pandemic: Watch with me

The challenging years of the pandemic forced the museum to close its doors to adults and children visiting from schools. In spite of this, the Art Gallery, which has always believed in breaking down barriers of all kinds, thanks also to its supporters, succeeded in carrying out a magnificent project. Watch with me is a project based on artists’ workshops held outdoors and in complete safety, with two interactive web exhibitions and a series of video stories with exceptional testimonials that allowed children to approach the works even outside the museum walls

The Tamburini company is proud and honoured to be able to take part in projects that bring people together and give value to our world cultural heritage.

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