The historical period we are experiencing is one of the most uncertain for many industrial sectors. We found ourselves facing challenges that have permeated the life of our company both from a production point of view and from a social point of view. 

Today, almost two years after the arrival of the pandemic in Europe, the Tamburini family takes stock of what has been a year of tests, doubts but also of great satisfaction. 

What impact has the last year had on your work?

Flexible and qualitative precision mechanics

Nicola Tamburini, Technical Director

The second wave of the Corona Virus pandemic at the beginning of 2021 scared everyone. Yet, thanks to the measures of distancing and personal protection we adopted, and the great civic sense of our collaborators (97% vaccinated), our workspaces have been for all of us a safe environment in which to operate with maximum efficiency.

The production responded carefully and methodically during this still-very-unstable year. We have registered a production increase of 17% on tools and 40% on gauges. By focusing on the optimization of the production line and on the continuous and targeted training of our operators, we have brought waste below 0.3%.

2021: Back to the past to look at the future

Andrea Tamburini, Sales Managing Director

In 2020, the well-known social-health difficulties affected a contraction in the turnover of gauges and tools. 

For months we have worked with dedication and commitment that led us, in 2021, to realign our numbers to the pre-pandemic years, also recording an increase compared to the turnover of 2019. 

This year we have acquired 251 new customers and 242 new suppliers. For us, this data is a sign of recovery and vigour certainly supported by one of our main outlet sectors, Taps and fittings and  Valves production, whose companies have shown great resilience and solidity, but also by the development of new markets like the medical one.

Furthermore, in 2021 we launched a new project that we particularly care about: TamburiniAcademy, which is receiving very positive feedback from our customers. We expect the introduction of this new training service to further expand our client base in the coming years.

Innovation at the forefront

Elena Tamburini, CFO

We have always stood out for our investment trend and fleet renewal. In 2021, an initial uncertainty about the market trend led us to make a careful reflection on our future intentions. But one of the main objectives of our company has always been, and always will be, innovation.

This is why we have decided to continue investing in the purchase of new technologies for the production and design of gauges and tools for precision machining

Investments in increasingly performing technologies are a fundamental component to make our production capacity more flexible and qualitative, projecting us towards growth.

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