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According to Tamburini, innovation is a blend of constant training, research of new materials and improvement of the machinery, but also technological innovation. The company invests in state-of-the-art software that assist in company management and ensure better service to our customers. The trade magazine “Tutto Misure” this month informed about our latest investment in data processing, in an article entitled “New 4.0 interconnection in Tamburini, to manage measurement data

The new company investment allows to “streamline methods of computing and archiving of the data collected in the company’s metrological laboratories, interconnecting all the measuring instruments and making them communicate with each other and with a software dedicated to metrology, in a full 4.0 perspective. “

Innovation in our company is always aimed at assisting and guiding the customer. As explained in the article, “Tamburini automatically produces a ‘test report’ of the controlled and measured instruments, whether they are produced directly by Taburini or owned by the customers who rely on the company from Brescia for the calibration service. “

The article confirms once again Tamburini’s propensity for technological innovation in precision machining and the company’s continuous investment in optimizing and creating a production cycle aimed at satisfying their customers’ needs.

Innovating since 1960

In over sixty years our company has never stopped accepting all the challenges of the precision machining sector, continuing to adapt itself to follow – and anticipate – the needs of the industrial sectors we assist: taps & fittings, valves, automotive, aerospace, defence systems, and medical. From 1960 to 2021 what motivates us is innovation in the world of precision mechanics, which pushes us to constantly introduce new methods of production, design and supply.

The evolution of the production cycle

New technologies drive innovation in every sector of the global market, and precision machining is no exception. Keeping up with it it’s a necessity for all companies that want to offer the most precise and performing products. The great resources and potential put in place allow us to renew our offer and challenge the international market while maintaining Tamburini’s high standards.

The optimization of the production line

Through the acquisition of new machinery, our company has successfully developed methods to optimize the production cycle by halving the work phases. The investment in machines that combine and merge multiple mechanical processes in one, allows us to have higher quality products, reduced production times and a higher qualification of employees who can operate on multiple work phases.

Today, the improvement of the production method occurs much faster than five years ago: every year there are new opportunities for improvement and our policy of innovation allows us to seize them and keep up with the changes in the sector. The ever-faster technological evolution is a motive for Tamburini to constantly improve our machine park and to be able to ensure shorter reaction times to the sector news. The optimization of processes and technological advancement pervade all departments, the company is renewing the production of the entire range of products and services.

Investing in training

Tamburini’s strength has always been its people.

From Bruno Tamburini onwards, the company has always strongly believed in the values ​​of innovation, training and continuous improvement. For this reason, even today, we invest in the professional and personal growth of our employees and collaborators. Tamburini’s workers are trained on the new machinery by following both internal and external training. The managers from production, technical office and laboratory are available to provide internal training to employees when a piece of new machinery or method is introduced to optimize the production cycle. In addition, the employees also carry out training courses with external parties, many of which are held directly by the machinery and consumables suppliers, which also provide expertise on everything that accompanies a process: machines, tools, refrigerant products. The Tamburini company invests in external training to ensure, not only the correct use of the machines but also to enable operators to exploit the machines to their full potential.

The research of materials

The innovation in precision mechanics must take into account the changes in the use of materials and the introduction of new raw materials.

Especially in recent years, the customers’ demands about this topic have grown allowing us to specialize in precision machining with materials other than traditional ones, some even difficult to work with. Today, our experience and flexibility allow us to produce precision gauges and tools with innovative and performing materials, and to carry out precision mechanical machining on a wide range of materials, satisfying the specific needs of our customers. The continuous engagement with more than 6,000 customers is a constant stimulus to improve the design and manufacture of our products that, especially when it comes to materials, need to be adequate to the regulations for the protection of the environment. We make tools specifically for threading lead-free-brass and other brass alloys with low lead content, always maintaining the Green policy that Tamburini has been supporting for years. 

Tamburini, precision machining since 1960.

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