Tamburini and the enhancement of the artistic heritage

The Tamburini company culture has always gone hand in hand with the culture of the territory. Today, in this delicate restarting situation after the years of the coronavirus pandemic, we recognize even more the fundamental importance of culture as a recovery tool for the province of Brescia. Our presence in the area for over 60 years has made us an integral part of its history and its prosperous and heterogeneous community. We have always been committed to promoting the area and its riches also thanks to the participation in associations and initiatives such as the Alliance for Culture.

What is the Alliance for Culture?

Alliance for Culture of the Brescia Musei Foundation is synonymous with innovation, community and development: major industrial brands from Brescia come together to support the Foundation’s projects. 

A total of more than forty members from institutions and companies took the field to support the enhancement and promotion of the city’s artistic heritage and cultural events in the coming years. This fundraising project is a development model for the territory in favour of cultural identity and shared participation that requires direct commitment and participation from its members. The organizations and companies, such as Tamburini, which accepted the invitation of the Brescia Museums Foundation will actively participate in restoration projects, redevelopment of monumental and archaeological sites, as well as in the organization of thematic events in Brescia.

For the Tamburini company, it is a great identity factor to intervene and be actively involved in the future of Brescia.

Tamburini and the Brescia area

The history of the Tamburini family is based on the importance of enhancing the area. For more than 60 years Tamburini has been committed to promoting Brescia culture and its riches. Over the years our company has become the spokesperson, also with institutional roles, of the growth and enhancement of the Brescia industrial-economic fabric. 

Today we welcome the Alliance for Culture as the idea of ​​close synergy between the economy and the cultural return of our province. We are proud of the announcement of Brescia and Bergamo City of Culture 2023 and we have made ourselves available to the institutions to enhance this important milestone. 

Alliance for Culture: the Vittoria Alata project

Within the Alliance for Culture, Tamburini was able to support the restoration of one of the symbolic works of art of our city and province: the Winged Victory

The marvellous statue is one of the few Roman bronzes that have withstood the pitfalls of time. After two years spent at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence for the restoration, she returned to Brescia with a museum exhibition inside the Capitolium. 

This is the kind of project and result that makes us proud to be part of the Alliance for Culture. It is an honour to be involved in building the future of Brescia and to be part of a new and renewed collaboration between the economic fabric and the historical heritage of the area.

Driven by our strong belonging to the Brescia area, we intend to continue to make our contribution to the city and to the dissemination of its cultural, social and community values. 

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