The Tamburini quality amaze always

Manufactoring gauges always of quality

This was the title of the article that appeared in the industry magazine “Tutto Misure” this month about our company‘s production specialization.

“Since 1960, Tamburini srl has been studying, designing and manufacturing threaded gauges, smooth gauges and special gauges for any requirement of use, in compliance with regulations and in consideration of thread dimensions and overall dimensions.”  Our decades of experience, supported by precision workmanship and quality raw materials, have enabled us to reach different sectors and international markets.

“Gauges made of alloy steel, highly non-deformable, with a surface hardness of 63 HRc (achievable after hardening). Upon specific customer request, special gauges are constructed from lightened, non-magnetic and carbide materials.” 

Meeting the most specific requirements of our customers is essential to offer the best-performing products and to meet the particular needs of technical sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive or Medical

This is why we have always had a design department that works closely with our customers and the production department. 

“Design and construction of ready-to-use measurement systems, customized based on specific requirements. Following a non-standard request, in fact, the engineering department produces an outline study of the gauge, which is followed by the actual design phase, verification of functionality, and compliance feedback. The highest level of quality for all the gauges produced is achieved through various progressive cross-checks, the first of which is carried out at each stage of the production chain, leading up to the final check by the advanced in-house Metrology Laboratory, which verifies and records every characteristic.”

 “A grate capability of top flexability in production and design. This allows to produce gauges of any size, from smallest to the largest”

For decades, Tamburini’s mission has been based on customer satisfaction, thus achieving the highest levels of quality and research. Our company is structured to work in synergy with our customers, as the supply chain is being completed, from design to production. In this way we are able to achieve a top quality product.

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