Tamburini Metrological Laboratories are an asset that allows our company to provide dimensional control services including the calibration and measurement of

precision mechanical products.

Over the past 10 years of development, the company has increased production and invested in two additional metrology laboratories, for a total of four in-house labs.

Tamburini laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and software, specific for the sector, created to measure in an increasingly efficient and precise way.

Tamburini production is therefore supported by the labs that test all the characteristics of products such as gauges, tools or measuring systems, also evaluating the degree of finishing of the pieces.

In addition to the standard calibration laboratories, Tamburini has also included in its structure an ACCREDIA laboratory to offer calibration services to customers specialized in different fields and sectors of precision mechanics (automotive, medical,

sanitary taps, taps and industrial valves, aerospace, defence systems).

Calibration of gauges, tools and measuring systems

In 60 years of the Tamburini company, our experience always leads us to listen to the needs of our customers. The calibration metrological laboratories are a service based on the collaboration with our customers to satisfy their needs as well as their quality expectations.

The precision mechanics field impacts areas where product quality and production processes are not a choice but a necessity: industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace and defence systems. Our laboratories not only test, measure and calibrate our products but also work on behalf of third parties, giving Tamburini the chance of carrying out external calibrations on products that are not produced by the company. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of an accredited metrological laboratory, operating in conformity with the reference standard UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018, Tamburini can issue internationally recognized calibration certificates for the instruments that guarantee the quality of our customer’s products and the compliance with industry regulations.

Therefore, the calibration data and measurements are for our customers support to the production of their products who need specific documentation such as Test Reports or Declarations of Conformity, highly precise information and measurements that verify the fundamental characteristics of the product – average diameter, external diameter, core diameter, threading pitch and angle.

We also offer our customers a periodic calibration service for their gauges for which a Test Report is issued, which is necessary for companies as a fundamental step for Quality Certification.

Tamburini is one of the few companies in the area to be able to take advantage of internal and accredited metrological laboratories for the calibration of gauges and measuring instruments.

The laboratories and the production cycle

Every single piece produced by Tamburini is assigned its unique code to guarantee traceability, and the gauges are checked 100%.

Throughout the production cycle, a self-check of the piece is foreseen for each processing phase. At the end of the production process, the control phase in the calibration laboratories has the purpose of verifying and confirming all checks carried out during the production of the product. The data collected and the history of the piece are available to the customer; in fact, Tamburini can retrieve product data in each phase of internal processing, but also trace information on materials, heat treatments and processes of external suppliers.

ACCREDIA, accredited metrological laboratory

The diversification of internal laboratories is important since the ACCREDIA laboratory allows us to work with customers who, due to regulatory obligations, need to have specific documentation certifying compliance with all current regulations.

One of our customers, long-established in the automotive sector, has always had more than satisfactory results with our standard metrology laboratories. However, in recent years, the needs of the sector and the regulations in force have put him in the position to request a level of accuracy of calibrations and certifications that standard metrology laboratories could not provide. Tamburini can also respond to these eventualities by being able to offer the services of the ACCREDIA laboratory to customers who need to calibrate and measure their products more and more precisely. We offer precision with very high levels of punctuality and reliability by providing our customers with various solutions, preparing ourselves for any eventuality by offering ever-higher quality.

Furthermore, also thanks to the presence of an ACCREDIA laboratory, our company has developed a management, functionality and working method that we have also poured into non-accredited metrological laboratories. Tamburini has the management capacity to comply with the regulations and quality levels of the ACCREDIA laboratory and maintains the same level of quality in all its laboratories.

Tamburini with experience, spirit of innovation and its metrological laboratories, keeps pace with all customer needs, putting precision, quality and functionality first.

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