Aerospace, automotive, medical, defence system, valves, taps and fittings industries. Precision machining applied to these technologically advanced sectors requires very high-quality standards, cure and attention to details in each phase of the production process when it comes to gauges, thread tools, and measuring systems.

Tamburini’s standard for the production of gauges, plugs and rings

Tamburini’s production is diversified for standard production, which executes normed products modelled following specific regulations, and customized productions for products designed following the customer’s specific needs.

Standard production and supply require a high level of competence and experience in the field of precision machining, but it also requires highly qualified staff and the implementation of the latest-generation machinery.

The technological progress and the introduction of new machines in the field allow reducing the manufacturing times, increasing the precision level and optimising the entire production process.

Standard products realized following the standards, and in consideration of the thread sizes and overall dimensions are:

Tamburini’s added value in standard precision machining

Tamburini is specialized in the production of gauges, plugs and rings. What makes our standard products different on the market is the high reliability and technological innovation of our work gained in 60 years of experience in the precision machining sector. 

Each product, compliant with international standards, is constantly monitored and updated based on new regulations in the field. Our specific know-how in standard manufacturing emerges in our ability to interpret, implement and ensure that the manufacturing processes norms are followed. Moreover, standard products have an added value for our customers: most of them can be immediately available from stock.

Metrological calibration and quality certification

Our Metrology Laboratories have a fundamental role in standard manufacturing: they certify that the products respect the norms and they act as guarantors measuring the goods, guaranteeing quality levels and precision of the piece thanks to specified measurement instruments.

Tamburini Metrology Laboratories are certified and allow us to verify the fundamental characteristics and the level of refining of gauges, plugs and rings. Moreover, our production of thread and plain gauges is rounded off with a control service and the calibration of our ACCREDIA Laboratory, which operates in conformity with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 requirements.

Vista del laboratorio metrologico dell'azienda Tamburini in cui i tecnici

Precision mechanics industry 4.0

Our readiness and precisions are possible also thanks to the advanced automatization of the machines. The precision machining field,

infact, is moving towards an industrial model called industry 4.0, this means investing in digital technologies with a focus on production optimization.  For both small and big companies the future will be digital. Digitalization allows machine corrections, time optimization, machine’s self-regulation and the use of CNC machines.

The future of mechanical machining for the production of gauges, plugs and rings is based on the digitalization, guided by the experience that characterizes leading companies in the field of precision machining, such as Tamburini.

Customized gauges and tools

Thanks to all the peculiar characteristics of the company, Tamburini’s manufacturing of gauges and tools not only respects the most severe regulations and the highest quality standards, but our products are also customizable. The overall dimensions and size of each component can be adapted based on the customer’s requests and their specific needs.

We guarantee standard characteristics, normed, controlled and certified by our labs, as well as customized products with personalised dimensions and shapes.

We always meet the technical needs of our customers and we offer tailor-made solutions. This is because our standard is continuous innovation, always keeping in mind the precision and quality standards that characterize our company since 1960.

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